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Eliminate any sort of friction in the process of financing your clients, with no need of using your own capital or waiting for days the answer of the bank.

Expand your market with flexible payment options

Pre-approve your clients and instantly offer them Point-of-Sale financing.

Grow your business and increase conversion rates.

Instant pre-approval, 100% online

Easy approval process

Flexible financing and payment options

10/10 customer experience

Easy Project tracking

No paperwork, everything online

Meet homeowners needs, grow your business and close more deals. Choose Pontio.

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Flexible payment options

Offer your clients flexible financing options.

Increase your sales and your average ticket size whilst improving the relationship with your clients.

Grow your business and close more deals

No risk

Offer flexible financing options and grow your business with Pontio.

For residential customers…

Customized payment solutions at the point of sale

Offer your customers the financing option that best suits their needs from 24 to 240 months. No fees, no fine print, and a frictionless digital experience.

Long-term financing: Up to 20 years

Our long-term financing product makes a difference compared to traditional banking. Thus, your client will save money from the 1st day, since they pay a lower fee than the savings that the installation entails.

For industrial customers…

No initial investment required: Renting and PPA

Our business module allows you to offer renting to your industrial clients. This translates into diminishing their concerns about any upfront cost while benefiting from the tax advantages that this payment method entails. You pay a fixed monthly instalment, that includes both insurance and installation maintenance, and you are good to go! In addition, for installations of >100kW, we will structure the best Power Purchase Agreement.

For you…

Pontio is free

Our platform and services are free of charge for installers. All onboarding, training and support processes are carried out by us. You only have to worry about what is important, selling projects!

Financing will increase your conversion rate

Offering financing to your potential customers from day 1 will facilitate their purchase decision and will make you stand out from your competitors. This way you will never lose a customer again.

Did you know financing is one of the key drivers in buying a product?

Giving buyers the capacity and flexibility to fraction their payments facilitates their decision and improves their overall buying experience.

With Pontio you allow your customers to pay how they want and when they want. Together we will create a much more sustainable planet.

Remember, we are here to boost your business!



Long-term financing is differential in your value proposition









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